Why Trados?

We know it’s difficult selecting the right translation tools needed to run a successful translation business, so we have listed the top 10 reasons to choose Trados Studio – the market-leading CAT tool – to help you in your research.

The RWS community offers users the ability to connect with the largest growing translation supply chain of over 270,000 Trados users worldwide, ensuring you have the maximum client compatibility. Choosing RWS brings many additional benefits including:

  • RWS AppStore, the latest of our developments to help our users make the most of their software. From free apps and plug-ins to the opportunity for you to develop your own app, you will find the RWS AppStore a great source of additional tools to help tailor Studio to your needs!
  • We want you to be an expert at what you do, so we provide extensive free training opportunities from webinars and local seminars to downloadsvideos and free AutoSuggest dictionaries!
  • RWS boasts a global support infrastructure. We offer all customers free live installation and licensing help from our Customer Experience Desk!
  • Finally for all the latest news and updates why not join one of our social networks? You can follow us on twitter, join us on Facebook or connect with us on LinkedIn.

RWS’ decades of investment into filter development provides you with the widest choice of file compatibility. With over 70 different file types supported, and more being added to the RWS AppStore frequently, you will never have to turn down a translation project due to file incompatibility ever again.

RWS’ sophisticated solutions have taken the concept of translation memory beyond its original limits. New features allow you not only to make the most of conventional translation memory technology, but add numerous features which can accelerate translation and simplify many tasks.

Trados Studio not only improves the translation and project management area but transforms the entire review process. Within the software, sophisticated track changes technology allows you to immediately see amendments made to the documents, edit them and accept or reject them. However Trados Studio also allows non-users to review documents in a familiar environment like Microsoft Word. RWS bilingual files can be exported, reviewed by subject-matter experts without any dedicated tool, and returned ready to be imported in to Studio where any further edit is visible and can be finalized. This all contributes to make review as easy and comprehensive as possible.

It is important that you can rely on your supplier to be able to support you in the years to come. RWS is a publicly traded company with over $300 million turnover and 2,700 employees located in more than 70 offices across 38 countries. A solid financial track record allows us to continuously invest in our products to provide our customers with innovative and robust translation software solutions.

If you are not sure whether your company is maximizing the benefit from translation technology, then you can rely on RWS to show you how to increase the value of your investment. We have been developing market-leading and innovative software for the translation industry for over 30 years and can bring an additional level of expertise to your organization.

Developing the best solution requires investment: RWS has invested $100m in software development to bring the most sophisticated and powerful translation software tool to the industry.

Everybody is different and prefers to work in different ways, so we’ve made our desktop products completely customizable in terms of layout and keyboard shortcuts. We also provide different editing environments if you prefer to work with some of our older products. The industry’s first app store, RWS AppStore, delivers additional ways to customize and add to the capabilities of our software.

Terms are often a key component of today’s translation projects and can seriously impact quality and lead-time. Terminology is proactively used in translation to bring additional consistency, quality and speed to the process. MultiTerm, included in Trados Studio, is well known by the industry as the most powerful and robust terminology solution.

RWS technology covers many scenarios and grows as you grow. From desktop products used by over 80% of the world’s professional translators to robust server solutions used by corporate language departments an

If you want to increase your knowledge of the functionality within our software and demonstrate your competence, then RWS Certification is just for you! RWS Certification is the industry’s largest technology-based education program that brings a formal training structure on how to use and make the most of your RWS software.

RWS is endorsed by over 500 of the world’s leading Universities, and incorporated within the curriculum of their translation courses. This provides a continuous stream of new talented professional translators, who are already competent in using the industry standard software tool.

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