Trados For Individual Users

Trados For Individual Users

RWS Trados Studio Freelance is RWS’s leading translation memory program. It offers a complete environment for professional translators who can edit and proofread projects, use approved terminology and also use machine translation tools in a single, simple desktop application. If you opt for RWS Trados Studio, you will become part of the largest translation community in the world, this program is used by over 200,000 users worldwide.

Translation memories (TMs) are files in which pairs of sentences in the source and target language are stored during translation. For further translations, the memory automatically compares the new translation with the previous ones stored in it. Found matches are offered to the translator, who can confirm or edit them. You will never have to translate identical or similar sentences again, saving 30-60% of the time and cost depending on the type of text. Highly repetitive texts such as manuals, technical documentation or contracts are most suitable. Thanks to translation memories, your translations will also become more consistent.

Terminological databases ensure that your translations are accurate, consistent and increase your productivity. After connecting the database to the translation, it is compared with the source file. All terms and phrases that match are color-coded and a preview of the database is displayed when they are translated. Thus, the translator immediately sees how, according to the customer, the term is to be translated, whether more variants are allowed or what translation is not allowed.

With your purchase, you get free access to RWS machine translation (6 million characters per year) and many free and paid applications to improve performance from the RWS software store ( ), which makes it an unsurpassed intellectual tool for working in the translation industry worldwide. In addition, with each new license or upgrade, you also get access to Trados Live Essential for a year, allowing you to work on multiple devices and sync your work between them which makes it an unbeatable, intelligent translation tool in the translation industry worldwide.

What's new in version 2021?

  • RWS Trados Live is another extension of the RWS Language Cloud platform, which offers translators:
  • Possibility to upload translation memories and terminological dictionaries to a secure cloud, and then use them in Trados Studio, together with a new neural machine translator.
  • Creating online projects directly in a web browser or even via a mobile application. Once created, you can decide for yourself how you want to translate and proofread.
  • Access to a feature-packed online editing environment that RWS has named “Online Editor”. It will work similarly to Microsoft 365, where you can open the same file, both directly on your computer and in the cloud.
  • The big news with the Freelance version of RWS Trados Studio 2021 is that it will no longer be limited to 5 languages ​​from / into which you can translate, but as with the Professional version you will be able to use an unlimited number of languages. Now you will also be able to access the RWS Appstore directly from the Studio environment, and you will be able to quickly and clearly download any application that will help you at work.

Whats New in Trados 2022?

We offer 3 options for individual users.

Studio 2022 Freelance has everything a translator needs to translate, review, use terminology and machine translation in one easy to use CAT tool.

INR 39000/-

All the features of Studio 2022 Freelance, plus an extra activation license for translators who work on two PCs simultaneously.

INR 49000/-

All the features of Studio Freelance available via an annual subscription option. This will be valid for 365 days from the date of purchase.