Trados Studio Professional

Trados Studio Professional

It offers a complete environment for project management, translation, proofreading and terminology management. Whether you’re translating complete web pages, full-formatted Word documents, or IDML manuals, you can always rely on SDL Trados Studio.

Translation memories (TMs) are files in which pairs of sentences in the source and target language are stored during translation. For further translations, the memory automatically compares the new translation with the previous ones stored in it. Found matches are offered to the translator, who can confirm or edit them. You will never have to translate identical or similar sentences again, saving 30-60% of the time and cost depending on the type of text. Highly repetitive texts such as manuals, technical documentation or contracts are most suitable. Thanks to translation memories, your translations will also become more consistent.

Terminological databases ensure that your translations are accurate, consistent and increase your productivity. After connecting the database to the translation, it is compared with the source file. All terms and phrases that match are color-coded and a preview of the database is displayed when they are translated. Thus, the translator immediately sees how, according to the customer, the term is to be translated, whether more variants are allowed or what translation is not allowed.

Types Of Licenses


The license activation code (sometimes referred to as the “Product Activation Code”) uses a unique 21-digit code to activate (register) or de-activate (return) license software over the Internet. After activation, it is possible to work only on the computer where the software was activated. Of course, you can move a license from one computer to another at any time in a simple and secure way.


is licensed using a license that is stored on a license server in your corporate network. This licensing option allows SDL Trados software to be installed on an unlimited number of workstations on the network, but only a limited number of users can work at a time. This number is determined by the number of licenses purchased. For example, if SDL Trados Studio is installed on 100 workstations and 20 user licenses are stored on the server. Only 20 users can work with the software at the same time, but on any of the 100 possible workstations. Unlike activation codes, licenses to work on another computer do not have to be manually returned and reactivated. After starting the program, the computer connects to the license server, which assigns it a license in the order of the request time. If all 20 licenses are used, the 21st user will not be able to run the product, until one of the active users closes the program. The release of the still active license is automatic. Network licenses are ideal for organizations that want to share a number of licenses among multiple user stations. This is especially useful in situations where users in different time zones do not need access to the same software at the same time.

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