SDL GroupShare

SDL GroupShare

Project server

allows you to upload all project files, which are then accessible to all translators or proofreaders online. This will increase the efficiency of the entire process, as project managers will no longer have to manually create project packages and will also have an overview of all projects in real time.

Translation Memory Server

It will help you achieve better and more consistent translations thanks to server translation memory technology. An unlimited number of users can connect to this memory, which is not possible with regular memory. In addition, everything takes place in real time, so translators can immediately benefit from the work of their colleagues.

Translation Memory Server

is the only solution that ensures the correct terminology is used across your business. Instead of complicated e-mail sharing, users get access to an online central database that is up to date. Integration with SDL Trados Studio 2017 greatly simplifies the translation process by verifying the correctness of the terminology in real time.

3 TO 3,000 USERS

It doesn't matter how many users work on the project. Server solutions always facilitate the work of all project managers, translators and proofreaders.


Everyone can access projects at any time without unnecessary waiting. The whole process is set up to minimize the manual steps needed to manage the project.The time saving is around 18%.


Decide who sees specific content. All data is automatically backed up and restored. Firewall protection, SSL encryption and VPN